Annuschat Club Lambs
About Us

Welcome to our website!  Annuschat Clubs Lambs has a rich history in the sheep business
dating back as far as 1985.  Our parents, David and Debra, began building a foundation
of structurally correct, functional Hampshire-influenced sheep that possessed the muscle
shape, touch, and symmetry needed to achieve success in the showring.

We were raised in the lambing barn from the day we could walk and it was this up-bringing
that instilled in us a passion for the industry that is more apparent to us today than ever
before.  However, many things in life endure setbacks and our family’s operation was no different. 

Dad fully turned over ownership and management to us in 2002.  Since then, we have built
off of our prior knowledge, learned many more lessons along the way, and continue to
listen to other highly-admired producers. 

Our collective vision is still strongly in-line with our parents’ beliefs; we strive to
produce muscular, production driven, round bodied sheep that have skeletal quality, but
then are stillcool to study from the side.   So looking into the future, we hope to continue
to make a kind that will have a solid place in the industry for years to come.  Feel free
to contact us with inquiries because we always have time for the people who make
this dream a possibility.

Also, we owe a very special thank you to Mary Ann Curtis, Denise Curtis, Sheila Curtis, &
the late Johnny Curtis.  Without your help and support, none of this would be possible.


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