Annuschat Club Lambs
Jolly Roger
Hot Carl x Uncle Si x Platinum
Tag #45
Purchased from Skidgel Club Lambs
Owned with Triple D Genetics




Magic Man
TW x Donkey x Dusty
Purchased from Fisher Club Lambs
2016 Men of Influence





Dr Love x Hoss x Dog

Purchased from Wright Club Lambs




blast off x smokey (thelma)
Purchased from Kennedy Club Lambs

Maverick Full Brother
Full Brother to Maverick
Champion Hamp - 2011 NAILE





sells in best of the best stud ram sale!
maverick x willie
2013 Keeper Ram





For Sale!
Estes 0530 x Ridin Solo (PBR x Medicine Man) x 40 Large

Purchased from Estes Club Lambs 2013 MWSRS



miller O154 x Masterpiece
Purchased from Kennedy Club Lambs

Rugged, massive, & powerful!  This guy was the answer to inject the added skeletal width and stoutness we were after.  Rampage has tremendous
mass and dimension over a round, wide center skeleton and from there down, he is remarkable with respect to his foundation and structural stoutness. 
All of this comes with a proportional, balanced look and the correct skeletal quality that’s a must.  He’s done a great job producing those stout,
productive females that have become the cornerstone of our operation.




hoss x dog
Leased from Kennedy Club Lambs

We would like to thank Kennedy Clubs Lambs for allowing us to lease Willie.  He throws them cool bodied and hampy, but with that Dog
touch that is known around the country.  We are beside ourselves waiting to see the outcome of the great and rare opportunity!




full force x penny
Purchased from Impact Hamps



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